Emilio Pizzi, architect

Professor of Technical Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan where he graduated in 1974. Director from 2008 to 2010 of the Department of Science and Technology of the Built Environment BEST now ABC and currently Dean of the School of Engineering and Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic, where he currently carries out his research and teaching activities in the Construction Planning course in the fifth year of the specialized degree in construction engineering. He has carried out an intense activity of planning of buildings focused on the themes of the residence, and of the social housing, on the themes of the structures destined to the education in the different levels and of the assistance with particular regard to the new hospital structures.

Pietro Pizzi, architect

Trained at the Polytechnic of Milan and TU Delft in the Netherlands, he graduated with honors in 2013 and passed the professional qualification exam at 23 among the youngest Italian architects. Already during his studies he maintains a close relationship with the professional world, developing a project for a Private Residence in Santa Margherita Ligure, now under construction, the first building completely built with light technologies to dry assembly of the area. The architectural research continues in the following years as an EPTA partner, working on national and international projects of different scale, placing at the center of each project a profound reflection on the spatial link between man, architecture and context.

Alessandro Rossi, architect

Trained at TU Delft in the Netherlands and at the Polytechnic of Milan, where he graduated with honors in 2013 together with Pietro Pizzi. He collaborated with Emilio and Pietro Pizzi on several projects already before graduation. Specializing in the production of photorealistic images, he was among the first to become a Corona Certified User, in 2017. His images protray the studio’s architectures and are an integral part of the design process, ensuring a thorough study of the quality of the spaces and details.

Cecilia Bertelè

Laura Rocca

Cristian Cofrancesco
Graphic Designer

Luca Colombi

Giulia Zanardi

Martina Menconi

Grazia Maria Pizzi

Mauro Morandi