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La Scala Theater Renovation

The design for the restoration of the historical theatre becomes the opportunity to retrieve the original seventeenth century Piermarini building and the eighteenth century extension with a set of volumes that hosted the museum and some accessory functions. Above the existing historical rooftops rises the new elliptical building that hosts the artist’s dressing rooms, next to the new flying tower.

The facades of these new buildings adopt a more abstract kind of language, as opposed to the figurative language of the historical facades. The new facades features a stone shading system with LED lighting nestled into the stone texture that allows the perception of the flying tower during the night.

The renewal of the interior of the theater features the introduction of a new side scene and the realization of a new stage machinery that allows for greater theatrical possibilities. The opera house is now revamped and ready for the challenges that modern day acting and playing requires.


Mario Botta, EPTA






Comune di Milano


30.000 sqm